Continuation of our reply to the WSP

Second part of our reply to the WSP’s answer to our ‘Open Letter to the members of WSP’

We have given, in our first reply (, a response to WSP’s lies and slanders against us in their answer ( to our Open Letter ( Now we will move on to the more purely political aspects of the questions at hand.


On this issue, the WSP leaders say:

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Reply to the lies in the answer by WSP’s leadership to our Open Letter

First part of our reply to WSP’s answer to our Open Letter to their membership

On 14 October 2018, Revolutionary Regroupment published an “Open letter to members of the Workers Socialist Party of India”

One day later, the WSP posted a response on their website, entitled “Our Answer to the Frantic and Spurious ‘Open letter’ by Revolutionary Regroupment, Brazil, Addressed to WSP Members!”

The response was a flat denial of many things that Revolutionary Regroupment wrote, which are claimed to consist of lies, along with some vulgar political attacks. WSP’s leadership claimed that we never attempted to contact them and said that our open letter consisted of dishonest “trickery”. We will answer their slanderous accusations first.

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Brazil: Lula’s trial

Operation “Car Wash” and the bourgeois justice have no legitimacy, but we shall not forgive the Workers’ Party’s crimes against the working class!

Three judges who decided on Lula’s conviction in second instance (photo by Sylvio Sirangelo)

January 2018

Last January 24th, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brazil’s President from 2003 to 2010 and the Workers Party (PT) main figure, was convicted in second instance for crimes of corruption, jeopardizing his intentions to run once more for Presidency in next October 2018 elections (being the almost certain winner according to different polls scenarios). His fate will now depend on the appeals to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Electoral Court, but, according to Brazilian laws, he can already be imprisoned under his 12 years and 1 month sentence. Continue lendo

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