Organize an International Marxist Proletarian Nucleus! (Programmatic Manifesto of Revolutionary Regroupment).

For a Marxist Nucleus in Australia! (programmatic document by the comrades of Bolshevik-Leninist in Australia)

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Journals (PDF)

No. 1 – Second Quarter 2010
No. 2 – 2013
No. 3 – 2016 (download the PDF / read online)


Russia’s War in Ukraine and NATO’s Imperialist Siege
Appendix: Three questions and answers about the war in Ukraine
February-March 2022

Protests in Cuba and the risks of capitalist restoration
July 2021

Discussions with Bolshevik East Asia (former IBT split)
Introduction and exchanged letters
September 2020

In Memory of Mateusz Malesa (1994-2020)
July 2020

Demystifying China
An analysis of the class character of the state, the economy and workers’ struggles
April 2020

The Crisis of the Capitalist System in Face of the Coronavirus Pandemic
March 2020

Defend Iran! Imperialists out of the Middle East! For workers’ action against the imperialist war drive!
January 2020

“Order prevails in Warsaw”?
Results and prospects
May 2019

Down with the imperialist threats against Venezuela! No trust in Maduro’s authoritarian regime!
January 2019

50 years after the May 1968 events, “It is hot in France”
The ‘Yellow Vests’ movement and the popular revolt against the rising cost of living
December 2018 – January 2019

Poland: the working class vs the “good change”
November 2018

Statements by former WSP members
November 2018

Reply to the WSP leadership’s answer to our “Open Letter”
First Part | Second Part
October 2018

Open letter to the members of the Workers Socialist Party of India
October 2018

Brazil: Lula’s trial
January 2018

The Catalan Independence and the struggle for a Socialist Federation of the Iberian Peninsula
November 2017

Socialist Revolution: the Solution to Climate Change
August 2017

Defend Muslims! Asylum for refugees! Build a revolutionary workers party!
June 2017.

US Imperialism Strikes Again
In Defense of Syria, China and North Korea! Only an international socialist revolution can guarantee peace!
April 23, 2017.

The Response of the U.S. Left to Trump and the 2016 Election
Class collaborationism and the importance of revolutionary program
March 2017

Declaration of fraternal relations between Revolutionary Regroupment and O Que Fazer?
September 2016

CWI/Socialist Alternative: Centrists for Bernie Sanders
No support to capitalist candidates: for a workers’ party in the U.S.!
August 2016

Brazil: down with the coup government!
Fight Temer’s attacks, no support for the PT or its satellites!
June 2016

Trotskyist Fraction’s demand for a Constituent Assembly
Cats do not lay eggs
May 2016

Statement on Brazil
Fight the Impeachment! Fight Dilma’s government and its austerity measures!
April 2016

Syrian Civil War, the Islamic State and the battle of Kobanî
Defend Syria against imperialism! For a position of class independence in the civil war!
January 2016

Statement on Sam Trachtenberg
November 2015

On the Trotskyist Fraction’s centrist zigzags
November 2015

An eyewitness report
Portugal: the crisis and the Left
September 2014

Defend the Palestinians! No Confidence in Hamas and Fatah!
Israel’s War on Gaza
August 2014

Opportunism and crystalized confusion
The military coup in Egypt and the scandalous position of the IWL/PSTU
October 2013

On the Recent Events in Syria
September 3, 2013

Partido Obrero (Argentina) and its class collaboration with the bourgeoisie
February 2013

The Brazilian MNN and the International Committee/WSWS
April 2012

On the International Bolshevik Tendency’s Evasions and Dodges
March 2012

Head in the Sand Rationalizations & Attempted Blackmail
The International Bolshevik Tendency “Explains” Its Demise
March 2012

Coletivo Lenin/Brazil breaks relations with the International Bolshevik Tendency
December 2010

The Death of Kim Jong-Il and the Future of North Korea
Frebruary 2012

A Tyrant Without the Quotation Marks
Liga Bolchevique Internacionalista Sugarcoats Qaddafi
November 2011

Quaddafi Ousted by Imperialist Stooges in Libya
A Defeat for Workers and Victory for the Imperialists
September 2011

Internationalist Group
Still Dancing Around the “Serious Explanations”
August 17, 2010

Disintegration in the “Post-Soviet Period”
Spartacist League Supports US Troops in Haiti!
February 15, 2010

LRP/ISL on the Revolution in Palestine/Israel
Worshipers of the Accomplished Fact
August 26, 2009

Internationalist Group
Trotsky’s Transitional Program or Robertsons’s “Political Compass”
May 6, 2009

LRP’s “Revisions of Basic Theory”
April 29, 2009

On Marxism & Feminism
March 30, 2009

Introduction to the Marxist Polemic Series
December 2008

The Road out of Rileyville
Resignation Letter from the International Bolshevik Tendency
Sept. 25, 2008