Organize an International Marxist Proletarian Nucleus!

The Programmatic Manifesto of Revolutionary Regroupment

Originally published in Portuguese in September 2020. Translated and adapted by comrades of Bolshevik-Leninist (Australia).


Chapter 1 — The Historical Period in Which We Live

Chapter 2 — The Need for a Militant Propaganda Group

Chapter 3 — Party and Movement

Chapter 4 — The Trade Union Movement

Chapter 5 – The Ecological Question and the Question of the Land

Chapter 6 — The Movements against Oppression

Chapter 7 — Marxism and the State

Chapter 8 — Bourgeois Democracy and the Proletariat

Chapter 9 — Imperialism

Chapter 10 — Permanent Revolution

Chapter 11 — The Bureaucratized Workers’ States and the Tasks of the Transition Epoch

Chapter 12 — The Theoretical and Programmatic Heritage We Claim