Who we are

We are a small Marxist organization. We uphold the communist program materialized by the Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky and destroyed in the early 1950s by revisionist politics. We also uphold the advances made by those who resisted and opposed the revisionism that has dispersed and confused the Trotskyist movement ever since.

We view the central task of our group as the regroupment of revolutionary forces on a program that represents the communist proletarian strategy for our time, in opposition to the variants of class collaborationism, reformism and centrism. We carry out our work as part of a major project for the reconstruction of the international party of the socialist revolution.

We believe it is necessary to recover the Trotskyist program, which has been deformed and vulgarized by the revisionist currents, and also to make advances in this program to better respond to the new challenges of the class struggle. A primary task of our group is to shed light on the opportunistic nature of today’s organizations that unduly claim the revolutionary legacy. In this way, we intend to contribute to the first steps in the fight for the genuine reconstruction of the Fourth International.

Contact Us:

Email: rr-4i@krutt.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reagrupamento/?fref=ts