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On this page we have links to other websites that we believe may interest our readers. They are websites that bring together historical material from the Marxist and Trotskyist traditions, and / or articles of Marxist analysis on the past and the present, as well as websites of groups with which we have relations and / or political campaigns that we support. Making available these links do not necessarily imply agreement with the groups that maintain them, nor with the totality of the content found in them.

Bolshevik-Leninist project, in Australia, with whom we are in political solidarity and collaboration. (

Campaing For the Freedom of Rafael Braga (Portuguese and English) – Webite of the campaign for the freedom of Rafael Braga, the only remaining prisoner of the June 2013 mass protests in Brazil, a black and poor young man, who was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months imprisonment as result of a forged accusation of caring explosive material, and after to 11 years of imprisonment, for a new forged accusation, of possession of drugs and association with drug trafficking.

Free Mumia Campaing – Website of the campaign for the freedom of the Black Panther Party militant Mumia Abu-Jamal, sentenced to death in 1982 in a forged case of murder of a police officer, and to this day in the death row.

Marxist Internet Archive – Brings together texts of various Marxists authors.

Textos from Leon Trotsky – Marxist Internet Archive page.

Online drive with scanned books from Leon Trotsky (English and Portuguese)

Online drive with scanned book on the history of the Trotskyist movement (variosu languages) – Check folder “Trotskismo A … Z”!QNwWiaDJ!MPmVyrJ7xZTepPcehzV_xQ

TrotskyanaNet – Website that maintains a permanent collection of bibliography about Leon Trotsky and the history of Trotskyism. It also contains biographical information on various figures of the Trotskyist movement.

Encyclopedia of Trotskyism Online  – It brings together PDFs of periodicals and internal bulletins from different Trotskyist organizations (especially from the USA and UK), as well as transcripts of Fourth International documents.

Rassembler, diffuser les archives de révolutionnaires (French) – Linked to the United Secretariat, it brings together PDFs of periodicals and internal bulletins of the French Trotskyist organizations from 1929 to 1952, date from which it concentrates on those linked to the Pabloite International Secretariat and, later, to the United Secretariat. It contains the official publications of the leading bodies of the Fourth International.

Centro de Estudios, Investigaciones y Publicaciones Léon Trotsky (Spanish) – Linked to the Trotskyst Fraction / Red Izquierda Diario, it brings together Trotsky’s texts, publishes collections of them, and also contains articles of analysis on his thought.

Archivo Léon Trotsky (Spanish) – Linked to the International Workers League, it contains numerous documents of organizations of the Morenoite tradition. The access to the complete collection requires a paid subscription.