Update on the Historical Documents section: Venezuela

We have added three materials on Venezuela and Chavismo / Bolivarianism to our Historical Archive. They were originally published by the then revolutionary International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT) in the 2000s and help understanding what was the Chávez government and the Bolivarian project (which today is in deep crisis), as well as expresses a revolutionary socialist line of class independence in relation to this political force. Soon we will publish an English translation of our analysis of the current Venezuelan political crisis (Venezuela em chamas. A crise do chavismo, a oposição direitista-imperialista e a necessidade de uma saída socialista revolucionária, July-August 2017, in Portuguese).

For a Socialist Federation of Latin America! Venezuela: State & Revolution. Originally published in 1917 No. 28, December 2005

On the 2004 Venezuelan Referendum. Principles & Tactics. Originally published in 1917 No. 28, December 2005.

Marxism & the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’. Venezuela & the Left. Originally published in 1917 No. 30, April 2008.