The International Trotskyist Movement and the Postwar Revolutions: An Analysis of its Theoretical and Programmatic (Re)Interpretations (1944–1963)

We link below an article on the history post-war Trotskyism’s crisis (its organizational and theoretical / programmatic fragmentation), with which we have agreement in general terms. It was written by the historian Marcio Lauria Monteiro and was originally published in Critique – Journal of Socialist Theory vol. 4, n. 44, October 2016.

Abstract The theme of this work is the history of the international Trotskyist movement in the first decades following the end of the Second World War (1944–1963). Through the analysis of documents and articles published throughout this period by its different sectors, it was possible to detect a number of (re)interpretations (explicit or not) of the original theoretical and analytical framework of this movement, carried out with the aim of a better understanding of the different revolutions then occurred and to draw intervention programs for them. Those (re)interpretations have generated intense conflicts, being an important element of its increasing fragmentation. Thus, although the history of this movement in the postwar period is not limited to those conflicts, they are fundamental to a better understanding of its current configuration.
Keywords: History of Marxism, Fourth International, Trotskyism, Postwar Revolutions.

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